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MorSafe® Tissue Morcellation Bag

The product name:MorSafe® Tissue Morcellation Bag Product instruction:This product consists of a pick-up bag and an introducer. The fetch bag containing bag body and wire ring. Product main raw material for medical grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) thin film, nickel titanium alloy, stainless steel, 304 medical grade ink and polycarbonate (PC). This product is the disposable use asepsis products, sterilization method for gamma ray irradiation sterilization, valid for three years. Intended Use:This product is used in gynecologic surgery as a container for pulverizing and removing benign tissue pieces  

Arthroscopy with piercing suite

Product Name: Arthroscopy with piercing suite 엔 도 쉬 스 Structure and composition/Main components: This product consists of a puncture needle and a cannula. The raw materials are polycarbonate (PC IH-1040) and SUS304 stainless steel. The part in direct contact with the human body is the rod and the tip of the needle and cannula, which are made of SUS304 stainless steel conforming to ASTM F899. This product is a disposable sterile product, the sterilization method is ethylene oxide sterilization, valid for three years. Scope of Application/Intended Use: This product is used in medical institutions with ENDOVISION Co., Ltd. Arthroscopes manufactured by NDWV Co., Ltd. are used in conjunction to puncture the tissue, provide a working channel for the entry and exit of the arthroscope, and provide a channel for the inflow of fluid.  

Spinal surgery toolkit these Reusable Surgical Instrument

Product Name/Product Classification Name: Spinal surgery toolkit these Reusable Surgical Instrument Intended Use: This product is intended for use in orthopaedic spinal surgery.  

neoV 1470 nm Laser System

Product Name: neoV 1470 nm Laser System Structure and composition/Main components: This product is composed of main engine, foot switch, protective mirror, power adapter and optical fiber. The main engine includes a 1470nm semiconductor laser, a laser power supply, a control system and a cooling system; Optical fiber from the special connector, optical fiber transmission and application, based on the core diameter divided into 400 microns (model: OF 99024) and 600 microns (99019) : model OF two specifications. Scope of Application/Intended Use: This product is used in medical institutions for the treatment of superficial varicose veins of the lower extremities.  

Greenpine attended China Med

25 Mar 2016, the 28th China (Beijing) International Medical Devices Exhibition was held in China National Convention Center. Over 600 medical devices manufacturers and 40,000 person-times of purchasing personnel, hospital buyers and dealers gather at CMEH for trade and communication over three days. The exhibition (CMEH) covered an area of over 33,000 square meters.

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GP pediatric products gained wide attention and got high praises from international well-known experts

8-9 Oct 2016, the 6th international neonatal respiratory and intensive care symposium and the annual meeting of Guangdong Medical Association neonatal branch was held in guanzhou. The event that was host by respiratory disease professional committee of China Medical Association neonatal branch, co-host by China Medical Association neonatal branch and Guangdong Medical Association neonatal branch, organized by Guandong human hospital ,The first affiliated Sun Yat-sen hospital and The affiliated southern hospital of southern medical university was the annual premier event in newborn.

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CMEF-a Perfect Medical Equipment Fair

The 76th China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF Autumn 2016)  had come to a successful end in Shenzhen. About 3000 word-leading enterprises participated in the exhibition and the event attracted professionals from more than 100 countries and regions around the world over four days. The show brought in more than 120000 person-times and ten thousands of products covered whole Medical device industry chain. Attendees at this event were provided ideal opportunities to get acquainted with the rapid developments of china healthcare industry.

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GP pediatric products arouse concerns in Congress of Chinese Pediatric Society

20-23 Oct 2016, 21st Congress of Chinese Pediatric Society of Chinese Medical Association was convened in Zhuhai(Guangdong). The conference aims to promote the development and prosperity of pediatric medicine discipline in our country, set up the integrated platform of different academic thoughts, realize the conversion of university-industry cooperation and provide better service for medical. Pro Zhao Zhengyan, Vice-chairman of Chinese Medical Association, Secretary of the party committee of Zhejiang university medical school affiliated children's hospital, acted as chairman. Well-known pediatricians made special reports on new researches and discussed hotspot issues in the conference.

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President of Shenyang pharmaceutical university and Hebei Haide Biological Technology Co. Ltd visited Greenpine

21~22 Oct, Pro Bi Kaishun, President & Vice secretary of party committee of Shenyang pharmaceutical university, the Chinese pharmacopoeia committee ,visited Greenpine with the leader of Hebei Haide Biological Technology Co. Ltd. The visitors communicated President of Greenppine Shen zaikuan with prospects, economic policy, the future trend of pharmaceutical industry and exchanged views and opinions each other. They also talked over the transformation , industrialization of the laboratory researches and cooperation mode in the future.

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Import record of Italian powder inhaler is obtained successfully

18 Aug 2016 , Italian Plastiape S.p.A company’s powder inhaler was approved by China Food and Drug Administration. Greenpine as a agency obtained first-of-its-kind medical device  registration certificate(NO.20161287).

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