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Marketing Department of GreenPine, since set up in 2005,  has recruited medical and pharmaceutical professionals, adopted foreign enterprise management to provide strong support for execution of marketing strategy and lay the foundation for realization of marketing goals.  It is now divided into specialist groups of drugs, health care products and medical devices. 

To provide training: Marketing department provides training of  products’features and competitors’information to distributors. It is said  to know the enemy and to know yourself, you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat

To organize promotional activities: Marketing Department introduces instructions of products to the user to promote sales directly; attends various academic forum to publicize products to customers as well as academic communities; organizes regional meetings of doctors to discuss the academic problems; organizes the exchange of domestic and foreign doctors; attends in CMEF meeting, medical equipment exhibition to introduce the product to coming customers and give them a deep understanding of products.


To visit customers: As the bridge between GreenPine and customers, marketing department arranges regular visits to customers to learn about their actual need and market trends; discusses with customers about problems when expanding market ; visits the doctors with customers.

To provide professional materials: Marketing department provides latest paper of the product and upgrades publicity materials, which can best prove our continuing concern about the product; publishes paper on professional magazine; provides brand prompting items to deepen the impression of the product in users’mind, which could improve the efficiency of the promotion.