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GreenPine Signs Cooperation Agreement with Emcure


GreenPine Signs Cooperation Agreement with Emcure

2019/07/10 15:56

        On 14th June 2019, Mr. Shen Zaikuan, the Chairman of Tianjin GreenPine Pharma Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GreenPine”) visited Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Emcure”), a reputed pharmaceutical company, at Pune, India, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement both for Finished Dosage Forms (FDF)& APIs. The partnership on FDF’s extends to both oral solids and Injectable including Oncologyinjectables.

        The products will be manufactured at the state of art facilities of Emcure both in India& USA

        Emcure aglobally renowned specialty pharma companywithworld-class infrastructure, technology, resources and plants both in India & United Statesand has one of the deepest pipelines in the industry with a focus on niche products and products with technology-barriers and has a high level vertical integration.

        GreenPine and Emcure have reached a long term understanding on further strategic cooperation for importation ofhigh-quality medicines into China providingcost effective and reliable treatment options to doctors and patients on a sustained basis.


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