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GP pediatric products gained wide attention and got high praises from international well-known experts


GP pediatric products gained wide attention and got high praises from international well-known experts

2017/12/18 14:42

8-9 Oct 2016, the 6th international neonatal respiratory and intensive care symposium and the annual meeting of Guangdong Medical Association neonatal branch was held in guanzhou. The event that was host by respiratory disease professional committee of China Medical Association neonatal branch, co-host by China Medical Association neonatal branch and Guangdong Medical Association neonatal branch, organized by Guandong human hospital ,The first affiliated Sun Yat-sen hospital and The affiliated southern hospital of southern medical university was the annual premier event in newborn.

The international famous experts, including Pro Joe Brierley, Pro Christian P. Speer, Pro John Zupancic (Boston children's hospital Harvard) and lots of top experts from domestic children's medical center, made wonderful speech on hemodynamic monitoring, neonatal infection, nutrition and management of premature babies, progress of diagnosis of respiratory diseases ,etc.

Greenpine participated  actively in the meeting with excellent pediatric products Etalpha® and Fucidin® form LEO pharm.

GP pediatric products gained wide attention from experts and doctors in the meeting.

Pro Bruno Murzi(M.D.),the director of pediatric cardiac surgery of Fondazione Toscana G.Monasterio hospital (Massa, Italy ) said that  Etalpha® was suitable for newborn babies and children because of  its unique dosage form and had broad prospects in application due to the high incidence of rickets in the future after he knew that Etalpha® was active vitamin D and used in the treatment of calcium metabolism disorder disease such children rickets, hypocalcemia etc.

During communicating with manager Wang Lixiang, Pro Christian P.Speer(children's hospital of Wuerzburg University, fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh) said narrow-spectrum antibiotics should be selected for children infection to reduce the generation of drug-resistant bacteria. He also said intravenous drug delivery should be given in order to adjust drug doses at any time and prevent flora imbalance in the body due to excessive doses. Pro Christian thought the superiority of Fucidin® was its strong antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus particularly MRSA. Fucidin® was very suitable for G + bacteria infection of outpatient and inpatient using sequential oral treatment after intravenous therapy.

Pro Joe Brierley(M.D., Consultant physician of Children and neonatal intensive care unit of Great Ormond Street hospital (British), fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh) was familiar with Fucidin® and its efficacy. He thought Fucidin® was second-line product mainly used for refractory G + bacterial infections such as MRSA.

Pro John zupancic(M.D. specialist physician of Boston children's hospital Harvard, Associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard University ) had heard of Fucidin® but never used. He said there would be a place for Fucidin® in treatment of G + bacterial due to its activity similar to vancomycin for MRSA and excellent tissue penetration. Fucidin® also could be used in treatment of severe or refractory MRSA infection such as bacteremia, and meningitisa using sequential oral treatment after vancomycin intravenous therapy. Fucidin® would be used to treat Mild-to-moderate MRSA infection such as depth of skin soft tissue infection or  outpatient G + bacteria infection as first-line drug.

Pro Christian P.Speer took photos with our company attendees.

GP pediatric products gained wide attention and got high praises from international well-known experts in the meeting. Etalpha® and Fucidin® were new choices for pediatric drug.

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