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Accomplishment of GreenPine-EY Internal Control Program


Accomplishment of GreenPine-EY Internal Control Program

2017/12/18 13:52

After half a year arduous efforts, GreenPine-EY Internal Control(IC) program has finally accomplished in winter, 2015. The closing meeting was convened as schedule in the afternoon,Jan.20th, 2016.

Mrs. Zheng, the general manager of GreenPine, presides over the meeting in which COO, CFO, director of IT, internal-control specialists, directors of related departments and EY consultant team are present.

Considering the internal and external factors, senior leaders decide to cooperate with EY and carry out the IC program in July to accommodate to compliant environment and reinforce the crisis handle ability and management ability. This is the second cooperation with EY, following the financial consult program.

The schedule is very tight. The program was carried out in Aug. The site implementation was completed in the end of Sep. The main task in last quarter is following and maintaining. The objective is exact and clear, including five achievements, optimizing the IC procedures, improving post responsibilities, designing post reports, setting crisis alarm and clarifying the performance indicators.

After deep studies and interviews, EY adjusts the IC plan for GreenPine from crisis recognizing to control analysis, management evaluation analysis and rectification of defects.The continuing instruction to IC specialists, recognizing risk and defects and executing throughout test all makes the final objective come true.

The IC program is fruitful. The first edition of IC report submitted by IC team covers all abnormity, risks and improvement suggestions. IT department completes the IC application in system, which reduces the manual account and improves the efficiency of operation and management. Guided by scientist management system and supported by professional and skillful staff, the IC program makes up the problem in daily management.

The IC program not only provides GreenPine legal instruction regarding listing, but also cultivates GreenPiners’ the awareness of IC and improve the present business procedures. During a few months cooperation, GreenPine is impressed by EY’s professional and pioneering spirits and also presents his industrious GreenPine spirit to EY. GreenPine, the vanguard of pharmaceutical industry, is growing and thriving to face the new challenge in 2016.

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