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Drug Division East Region year-end sprint Awards - France, Italy, Switzerland 3 countries 10 days tour


Drug Division East Region year-end sprint Awards - France, Italy, Switzerland 3 countries 10 days tour

2017/12/18 11:53

First day:

Rome tour, Roman Colosseum is the largest circular arena, majestic and magnificent; next year AD 315 Constantine built the Arc de Triomphe, has experienced ups and downs in 2000, still holds the original perfect shape . Roman ruins Market: Market is not only the birthplace of ancient Rome and the center of Rome, but also the common intersection of the seven hills of Rome. Finally, we visited the center of the Catholic world Papal States - Vatican, visited the world's largest, which lasted 150 years, from the construction of St. Peter's Basilica, carved this magnificent cathedral and outside, stones mosaic mural .... .. both are extraordinary victory in the art of crystallization.

The next day:

Red dome of Santa Maria del Fiore

Cathedral, composed by ten relief, the content of the Old Testament narrative theme-based Heaven's Gate; Town Hall Square, where there is a fortress built in the thirteenth century style Palazzo Vecchio (now the Town Hall), together with the square became an open-air sculpture museum, a variety of stone and bronze statue of work life, as people are familiar with Michelangelo's "David, like" copies;


Go to La Spezia - Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre in Italy, a proud World Heritage List, the mountains and the sea of "Cinque Terre" extraordinary and unique. Seawater and cunning Xianfeng Bi Che let these five Ligurian seaside cove lying quietly in a small fishing village with the picturesque beauty intoxicating. Cinque Terre is a small village five mountains and the sea, overlooking the north shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Italian "terra" is the meaning of the land, and this land, introspective island.

Day Four:

To the world-famous "the water" - Venice. Venice is located in north-eastern Italy, is the northwestern coast of the Adriatic Sea, the Gulf of Venice important port, main building four kilometers offshore in shallow water seaside beach, from 118 islands, 400 bridges fused, connected to the boat , the "water city", "100 Castle", "bridge City". Upon arrival, steamboat travel by public water gradually sinking decadent ancient ruin visited on foot to visit there the "golden church," said St. Mark's Basilica, Piazza San Marco.

Day Five:

Go to Engelberg, take the "angel Hometown Express " will take you to an altitude of 500 meters below Lake Lucerne, the train passes through the mountain town of Engelberg from an altitude of 1000 meters, the "Angel of town," said the Lake Lucerne and the Swiss central regions were many peaks and valleys across the pasture, farm huts, all the way to the picturesque. Britain's Queen Victoria was in this sojourn, arrived in town after the tour, here with the most typical Swiss town of elements: next to the Alps, wooden houses, large areas of grassland, walk them, like being in paradise.

Sixth day:

Go to the French fashion capital of Paris, the world's focus of attention of tourists, there are world-famous buildings, countless art treasures, but also mouth-watering French cuisine, waiting for us to discover.

Seventh day:

Visit the Louvre Museum, one of the world's three , now museum of art has reached 400,000, including sculpture, painting, arts and crafts and the ancient East, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, Rome and other seven categories. Here you can enjoy the town museum treasures - the Mona Lisa smile, Venus de Milo statue of the goddess of victory, let you glimpse the wonders of art galleries.

Day 8:

Exploring the fashion capital of Paris, visiting attractions radiant flowers: the Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile is located in a wide, here is the end of the Champs Elysees, extending in all directions from the Place Charles de Gaulle, there are 12 Avenue, magnificent, majestic Arc de Triomphe it stands in the central square of the island above; on the Place de la Concorde with a green bronze statues and beautiful fountains, the central obelisk from the Temple of the Sun in ancient Egypt, this magnificent square by the French called "the world's most beautiful Square "; the appearance of the world-famous Eiffel Tower.

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