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Central Region enjoy Saipan sprint bonus


Central Region enjoy Saipan sprint bonus

2017/12/18 11:50

August 20, 2014, Chinese medicine drug pine Central Region Division, Ministry of Finance and his party to enjoy the beautiful Saipan wonderful holiday.

First day:

From the Capital International Airport, take a luxury jet to travel Eastern Airlines direct flights to the United States Saipan.

The next day:

Ca Noa water adventure park grand opening its doors in July, mini golf practice swing allows you to have a taste of the fun; trampoline, inflatable bouncing ball, let Family Fun fun and entertaining experience area Chamorro culture, cards Noah island Resort is the ideal one-stop pleasure resort. The northern part of the island's attractions, including the last Japanese headquarters, Banzai, Blue Hole and Bird Island, Banzai 30 meters high, is located in Saipan Banaderu area, Banaderu the Chamorro language, meaning wet and muddy place; Bird Island is one of the most famous scenic Saipan, Saipan is located in the north-east coast. Shape it is called Lovers Island, Bird Island is like a strong man's arm encircling a beautiful girl, heart to heart, so the locals have such a custom, whenever the time of marriage should be facing away from the island wedding photos a wedding, meaning conjugal bliss. Blue Hole is the most famous Saipan difficult dive sites in the world ranking points have been cave diving place, lagoon blue hole with changes in sunlight to reflect a strange light, very dreamy.


Warship Island lagoon located among offers visitors beautiful beaches and best snorkeling sites, warships Island View Mariana Islands will play land. Go warships Gong sandy island swim can participate in all wide variety of water sports: Harbor Walk, Water drag umbrella. It is said that the Second World War, when the US aerial bombardment, only 1.5 kilometers of the perimeter of this island mistaken warship, then a burst of heavy bombing, but the strange thing is how unsinkable bomb bombed in bomber look, only to find that it is an island, since it is named warships Island. Mermaid submarine ride, you can experience the underwater world of colorful Happy to see beautiful colorful coral reefs, colorful tropical fish, as well as World War II was sunk ships and aircraft!

After dinner the "I LOVE SAIPAN", full of Saipan buy local souvenirs

Day Four:

Stroll in the boundless wonders of the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the sunset, romantic feeling unmatched.

After dinner, free to go fine blend of world famous luxury shopping experience DFS Galleria

Day Five:

Go to Saipan International Airport arrival to Beijing International Airport, the end of the trip.

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