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North Region 2014 second batch sprint bonus - Tokyo, Osaka Tour


North Region 2014 second batch sprint bonus - Tokyo, Osaka Tour

2017/12/18 11:36

August 27, 2014, pine China Pharmaceutical Drugs Division Three North Region Department, Customer Service Department, Ministry of Information and his party went to Tokyo, Osaka experience the local traditional culture.

First day:

From the Capital International Airport, take Air China flights to Japan Tokyo Narita International Airport. Upon arrival, the car tour Kappabashi, 80 years old model making food shop Corporation Iwasaki, using wax models of various food materials produced in the country is very famous in Japan, on television, magazines frequently play, variety, use in various industries, and almost inseparable genuine authenticity. Japanese handmade become a big honor. After exploring the Asakusa Kannon Temple Gate mine.

The next day:

Go to Tokyo Disneyland, known as Asia's first amusement park, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland is built in accordance with the United States, is the largest outside of the United States the number of admission to Disneyland. An area of 51 hectares, adults and children dream of paradise will allow you to place in them regain the joy of childhood.


Visit Experience electrical products duty-free shopping paradise Akihabara Electric AKI. After the visit Ginza, Ginza is world famous flagship store in Japan, the most concentrated areas, as well as Japan's century-old historic,, described as a shopping paradise. Drove to Japan after the first mountain - Mount Fuji mountainside - five co-head, a symbol of the Japanese nation, allowing you a chance to see Mount Fuji, Fuji feel beautiful.

Day Four:

Go visit the Imperial Palace Square, in front of Double Bridge to take pictures. Flowers are the park after the tour, here is a beautiful and fragrant flowers blooming in the garden, in an area of 300,000 square meters Quanta flowers of the field, there are spring tulips, summer cosmos, sunflowers and zinnias. Beautiful flowers, all kinds of Japanese and European style garden mix of ingenuity of design, under the backdrop of Mount Fuji views even more gorgeous color. After the ride to proceed to triple the region, exploring the history of Japanese heritage in 2000 Ise Shrine. And visited the ancient Japanese style reproduce Ise road building - TOEFL yokocho.

Day Five:

After breakfast, visit Kyoto, visit the famous Fushimi Inari Taisha. Kiyomizu fine chemicals ancient culture. Ride to Osaka Castle Park, this city is famous in Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi built, beautiful gardens and pavilions, floral, green everywhere, full of poetic. After sightseeing commune comprehensive Galleria purchase your favorite items. Shinsaibashi shopping street, this large can enjoy the fun of shopping, but also in Osaka kitchen - Dotonbori try street food sections of Japanese snacks, crowds continue to fully experience the city of Osaka, distinctive flavor and shiny vitality.

Sixth day:

Kobe harbor tour boat went to Osaka Kansai airport, check-in, take an international flight back to the capital Beijing T3. End wonderful trip to Japan!

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