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Oversea R&D


From 2nd March 2017, Tianjin Greenpine Pharma Co.,Ltd started the equity investment to Dongdo co.,Ltd (Korea company),and was involved in the research and development of pharmaceutical products together with Dongdo Research Institute. Dongdo Research Institute was founded in 2005 and accumulated abundant experience of organic synthesis. They developed a lot of pharmaceutical product technology and transfered to other company to make it into commercial production.

The cooperation between Tianjin Greenpine Pharma Co.,LTd and Dongdo Co.,Ltd made both parties to make use the advantage of themselves. Based on the R&D and production experience of Dongdo Co.,LTd, as well as the Tianjin Greenpine Pharma Co.,Ltd’s understanding of the Chinese regulatory policy and the situation of the pharm market, there will be more opportunites to both companies on the R&D of new products and launching them in Chinese market.